Saturday, April 13, 2013

AllowUserToResizeColumns property of DataGridView control.

If you see that you cannot resize the column of a DataGridView control though you set true value of AllowUserToResizeColumns property then check AutoSizeColumnsMode property also. Choose Fill/None value of this AutoSizeColumnsMode property.

Happy coding..

Monday, April 8, 2013

SQL Execution Error: Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table.....

Sometimes we get a very interesting error when we try to insert a new row in a table. The error is like following:

Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table 'TableName' when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF

Then we developers starts googling and find almost same solution. 

insert into TableName  Values(1,1,1)

This solution is ok. But before going to that solution we need to know in which context we have to set identity_insert on. 

The context is if we want to insert data to an Identity Specified column. (Generally we specify the primary key column identical.)

So, do we want to insert the data to a Identity column? If answer is “No” then check your sql query. I have seen many beginners do this wrong in their sql query. 

So, Happy Coding.

About a MS SQL Server Table Schema Change Warning - Saving changes is not permitted......

After changing a table schema sometimes we get a MS SQL Server warning saying that - Saving Changes is not permitted. The changes you have made require the following tables to be dropped and re-created......

To avoide this warning do the following:-

1. From Tool menu select Options.

2. Expand "Designers" node. Then uncheck "Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation". Then click OK.

For Visual Studio select Tools --> Options then under "Database Tools" under "Table and Database Designers" select "Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation"

That's all. Happy coding :)